Respiratory system

We are investigating how FGF, Wnt, and BMP signaling pathways interact to regulate growth of the lung and the complex process of branching morphogenesis. We are investigating mechanisms by which micro RNAs and other epigenetic factors regulate Fgf9 expression during development and in the pathogenesis of Pleuropulmonary Blastoma, a familial pediatric lung cancer syndrome that is initiated by mutations in DICER1. We are investigating mechanisms by which FGFs are protective in lung epithelial repair and pathogenic in pulmonary fibrosis, and we are investigating mechanisms by which FGF signaling activates adult lung progenitor cells in models of adenocarcinoma and response to injury.

Lungs from control and Fgf9-/- mice

Dermo1Cre, ROSA26LacZ

ShhCre, ROSA26LacZ

Ornitz and Yin, 2012

Stages of embryonic lung development

Recent Publications:

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